International Film and Video Production

Welcome to Del Rey Communications - an international film and video production company, founded by director John Hamilton.  

We have been privileged to serve a variety of quality clients, such as World Vision, Rotary International, and Panasonic.

We have produced dozens of documentaries around the world, in countries such as The Philippines, Venezuela, Cambodia, India, Canada, Israel, and more, for religious, humanitarian, and educational organizations.

Many of our productions are in foreign languages, and we can translate your project into any world language, with scripting and narration experience in Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian, and others.

Dr. John Hamilton earned his doctorate in Cinema at the University of Southern California and in recent years he has also been teaching as a Professor in the film and broadcast studies program at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles County.  

He wrote, produced, and directed the feature motion picture, Mary and Joe, a provocative setting of the Christmas story in contemporary New York City.  Twentieth Century Fox called it a heartwarming tale of believing in the unbelievable.

Take a look at Del Rey Communications films, and you find that we not only communicate great ideas, but do so with artistic flair and powerful emotion.  We believe that the aesthetic dimension of life can ennoble and inspire us.

We are ready to consider directing works in the area of commercial and non-commercial cinema, video, promotion, and marketing.

Dr. John Hamilton,

Del Rey Communications Crew in Egypt

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