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   and JOE

       What if ...

   ... Jesus were born this year to a young Jewish couple in New York City, instead of Bethlehem two millennia ago? Mary is an 18-year-old high school senior, and Joe, her fiancé, is 23, working hard to get Techweb established as an Internet consulting firm. Would anyone believe Mary and Joe's claim to abstinence? What kind of advice would they receive from family, friends, neighbors, and folks at the corner deli?

   Spurning her mother's insistence that she “take care of it,”  Mary is thrown out of the house, rejected by Joe, and expelled from school as she grows larger with child.  Her family doctor is baffled; his examination reveals her story to be true!  Mary goes to live with her beautician cousin in a crowded apartment, and begins to lose heart.  But a sassy Hispanic angel in a Mets cap and jacket wrestles Joe in an alleyway and makes him listen to the divine message of the miraculous, "Fear Not."  The couple is reunited and together face a hostile and unbelieving world.

   Mary and Joe makes the traditional Christmas story impossible to ignore.  Instead of putting the holy couple’s story back in antiquity, at a sort of a Hallmark-card safe distance, Mary and Joe asks:

       What if we were still waiting for Christmas?

   By imagining what would happen if such a miracle were to occur in our day, to two young New Yorkers in this case, the Christmas story becomes provocative and inescapable. We must decide--is this for real? Could this story be true?

   It’s a great movie concept, with unusual twists and turns, and a feel-good ending that promises to make this a perennial holiday classic--move over, It’s a Wonderful Life !

   People of all ages and backgrounds are drawn to the character of Mary--probably the most famous woman who ever lived. You’ll find it’s impossible to watch even the first five minutes of this picture without being drawn right in--you have to know what happens next!

   Starring Erin Bridges and Braden Moran, with Shirley Tannenbaum, Linda Levine, Jim Kisicki, Tony McKay, and Don Wadsworth, Mary and Joe was directed by John Hamilton, and is rated PG.

   Chock full of ethnic flavor, whimsy, doubt, faith, joy and wonder, Mary and Joe is a delightful surprise, as the old story is brought into the present with startling freshness and power.

For more information, cast, and crew see The Internet Movie Database.

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Heartwarming tale of believing in the unbelievable” --Twentieth Century Fox

“Erin Bridges’ performance was outstanding” --ABC Entertainment

“Reaches out to our postmodern culture”
--Cornerstone Television

“... embraces the independent spirit”
--Touchstone Television

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