International Film and Video Production


Del Rey Communications has been producing outstanding documentaries for over 35 years, serving television markets, independent film lovers, corporations, and organizations with a story to tell. Working on five continents, director John Hamilton has taken his crews to such far-reaching corners of the world as Cambodia, India, The Philippines, Nigeria, Israel, and Egypt.

Del Rey documentaries accomplish the purposes of their sponsors, to motivate, persuade, stir the heart. With a plucky blend of music, narration, accurate research, and on-the-scene stories, our films draw people in and move them to react.

Our films have been televised on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.), PBS (U.S. Public Broadcasting Service), North African and Middle Eastern satellite networks, Australian and New Zealand cable TV, and throughout North and South America.

Some of the highlights of the dozens of films and video programs produced over the years for satisfied clients …

SEA SALT – the story of a man who ministers to merchant seamen from around the world, as they put into port at Montreal, Quebec, on the famed St. Lawrence Seaway.

CANE FIRE! – follows the lives of Haitian sugarcane cutters as they work for slave wages in The Dominican Republic.

PROCLAIM LIBERTY – takes the camera to the streets of Philadelphia, to explore the many needs and faith-based solutions in the inner city of one of America’s great cities.

KAUAI UNVEILED – a breathtaking helicopter ride over the island of Kauai, plus a look at the Hawaiian gardens, waterfalls and hula dancers.

WHAT IF THEY GAVE AN ELECTION AND NOBODY CAME? – a groundbreaking documentary examining political and social issues  including abortion, school choice, and broadcasting fairness.

LETTER FROM NIGERIA – a candid look at the West African nation’s political and religious turmoil, along with humanitarian and missionary work in the region.

OPERATION COCONUT – a children’s film showing the lives of young people in The Philippines, featuring an interview with then President Corazon Aquino.

TA’RHIF – Arabic language BBC-style documentary examining the historicity of the Biblical texts, and their accurate transmission down through the centuries.  One of many foreign language productions in 15 tongues produced by Del Rey Communications’ staff of translators and narrators.

RESPECTING DIVERSITY IN THE CLASSROOM – Award-winning documentary and teacher-training film used across the U.S. to fulfill multicultural awareness mandates.  Features historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

MY HEART I OFFER – In this film, the Reformation’s John Calvin returns to the present day to discover his influence in many areas of life and the professions.

OH SEE, CAN YOU SAY?! – an instructional video presenting a basic vocabulary of words in American sign language.

WELCOME TO CHICAGOLAND – Relocation video showing corporate transfers the many cultural options and neighborhoods available to them in their new home city.

STEPHANIE’S STORY – Poignant story of a Korean orphan’s rescue by a World Vision nurse, and her life today in Vancouver.



Media Programs Produced & Directed
(partial listing)  (documentaries except where noted)

  "The Hiding Place" feature film, Khmer dubbed version for Cambodia

 "Letter from Nigeria"

 "Cane Fire"

 "A Heart for the Philippines"

 "Sugarcane Island"

 "Operation Coconut"


 "Oh See, Can You Say?!"   sign language pictionary

 "Welcome to Chicagoland”

 "Man Alive!"  instructional

 "Highly Recommended"  instructional

 "Creative Space, Holy Places"  

 "Espacios Creativos, Lugares Sagrados" 

 "A Passion for People"

 "Sea Salt" -- for CBC

 "Mary Had a Little Lamb"  (Dramatic Christmas Television Special)

 "La Navidad de Manchita"  (Christmas Special for Latin America.) 

 "Hands That Lift"

 Handel's "Messiah," Mandarin & Cantonese Chinese subtitles

 "What If They Gave an Election and Nobody Came?" 

 "La Bible: Est Elle Historique?"

 "Kauai Unveiled"

 "Give It Away"

 "Just Like Home" 

 "A Time to Live" 

 "The PolioPlus Story" -- Rotary International (ten language versions)

 "Stephanie's Story" -- World Vision

 "Above All Else" 

 "Whatever You Do"

 "What Really Matters"

 "By the Book"  

 "Growing Strong"

 "Where You're Going"

 "My Heart I Offer: The Influence of John Calvin in Today's World"

 "Myths of Aging and Positive Principles" 

 "Natural Areas Forest Preserve Management" 

 "Proclaim Liberty" 

 "How the West Is Won"

 "Cities of the Lost"

 "Still Not Ashamed" WTTW PBS

 "Cambodia: Beginning Again"

 "Springs of Living Water"

 "Someone Needs You" (English, Korean, Spanish, Mandarin)

 "Never Gonna Quit" 

 "Respecting Diversity in the Classroom" teacher education

 "The Genius of Panasonic" promotional

 “Men's Life:  Keeping the Promise" 

 "From the Riverbank to the City" Venezuela

 "Overtime" feature film trailer

 "Has the Bible Been Corrupted?"   Arabic language, filmed in Egypt

 "The Touch of His Hand"

Miscellaneous production work:

 "Truth or Dare" helicopter photography coordination

 "Original Gangstas"   helicopter cinematography

  "Puente 30" -- Madrid, Spain 35mm helicopter cinematography and           production management; TV commercial

 "America's Most Wanted" Betacam helicopter photography

 "Islam: Unlocking the Door" Associate Producer, overseas unit manager

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